About the Blog of Books


I’ll admit, at the beginning I didn’t know what I was doing. Over a year ago I thought I was going to try and just write a typical blog about my personal feelings and my feelings on world events. I discovered that I wasn’t that interesting and, even if I was that interesting, I wasn’t that interested in coming right out and saying things – a quick look through the archives will prove me a liar.

Last year, the goal was to read a hundred books. Between about a half dozen changes to my work life and two big moves of physical location over a six month span of time, this was pretty much impossible. I hope that life isn’t settling down, but I hope that my reading and writing time are becoming regular. The year is 2014, the format will remain the same. I’ve gotten a much more thorough education on web writing


Like that you are already bored.

Like that you are already bored.


These are not high minded academic book reviews, just the thoughts of a pedantic attention whore at a computer. If I was going to give you academic I would devote 1 month to the study of 1 book, the essays would five pages long and even fewer people would click on the page, I dare not say “read.” 

I warn you, I will be personal, but I will try to keep it in the context of what I’m reading. I will talk about my writing, but only because that’s the entire reason I started this blog.


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