Living in the Last Year

So many books lost. I have no idea what I’ve read in this between time since the last post and this post. Well, that’s used in error, I have some idea. Every now and then I get flashes of memory, and plots. Frequently when writing my own information and going, “Nope, that’s not mine.”

Writing, there has been some. I’ve mostly been generating and not submitting anything. I’ve moved back to Lexington, KY, which is my love, from South Carolina. Let’s see if I can get into the writing community here, I hope to infiltrate it and not feel like a fraud. I guess I need to take time out to try and polish up some stories and try to get published.

I’ve read some history, well, pop history- 1776, There were some cool stories in there, but ultimately I didn’t come away feeling like I knew any more or less about American history than I had before.

I read my first Hemingway book, which I didn’t hate, but I didn’t love. Hemingway, for my eyes, was perfectly portrayed in Midnight in Paris. I think he’s a self righteous prick, this probably informs my view of the writing. I wouldn’t say Hemingway is the literary equivalent of Tucker Max, but that’s because I haven’t read any Tucker Max, and that’s probably a dated reference at this point.

I read The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, which was lovely and bleak. I really am a big fan of John Le Carre’s work. I’m trying to hunt down the movie, so far no luck.

As far as the book challenge goes, I couldn’t tell you all the books I’ve read. I might be able to reconstruct them over the next few days, but I want to continue writing in the meantime. I’m sure I will hit a hundred books read, even though I went through a rough patch post move where I wasn’t reading much of anything. I’m sure of this because I currently have about 30 graphic novels checked out from the library and I’ve been reading them at the pace of about one a day.

My desire to immerse myself in the comic book mythos, specifically the DC comic mythos, came after being left in my apartment alone for a week. I decided to watch some Batman movies, that was three Nolan movies and Batman 89. Unfortunately (or not) I don’t own any other Batman movies so I went to Redbox and decided to watch Man of Steel again.

Maybe it was the impending doom of going further into my late twenties (my birthday was a couple of days later) but I really enjoyed a movie that contained almost no joy. That would also be my main issue with the movie, it displays almost no joy, in fact, rumor has it that DC has instituted a no joke policy after how poorly Green Lantern was received. Anybody who watched Guardians of the Galaxy will know that this is a bad idea.

Granted, DC isn’t about making The Guardians of the Galaxy (the highest grossing movie of 2014). They’re about making The Dark Knight (The highest grossing comic book movie ever). They will probably never pull down that particular lightning into their bottle again. This is the Marvel Age of movies, but as far as I’m concerned this is the DC age of comics.

I’m deep into the New 52, don’t get my wrong, I’ll always be a little behind because I’ll never feel like I can devote the money and space to buying issues as they come out like I would want to, but I’m really impressed with what I’m seeing. So much so that I will have at leas t 40 some odd books to write about as I read. I’ll try to figure out a better way of doing this than just posting after each book.

Anyway, Excelsior.

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