The Infinity Gauntlet – Marvel Phase 3?

It’s early to try and speculate on what Marvel Phase 3 will be, especially when Phase 2 is only just getting underway, but I’m a voice screaming out into the ether that is the internet. What else am I going to do but speculate on things I have no information on?

“Thanos is inevitable”

That is certainly the impression that you get at the end of the Avengers, I mean – you see the guy – they reference his pursuit of Death, the physical personification of her in the Marvel Universe. Then they seem to be doing a sidestep by focusing on Ultron. My comic book knowledge doesn’t really go too far into the most recent storylines; I pretty much stopped reading after Ultimates #1. This isn’t a reflection on the quality of the comics but merely a reflection on the attention span of teenagers.

I don’t know how we go from Ultron to Thanos, but I believe in Joss Whedon. With that out of the way, The Infinity Gauntlet – which was shown briefly in the halls of Asgard in the first Thor movie. The Gauntlet basically gives the wearer power over everything.

As a standalone trade paperback the story is really pretty weak. We aren’t shown enough of anybody to really feel like we get a good story, we’re pretty much dumped into the middle of a game played between Thanos and Adam Warlock – who is a sometimes member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, so that may be the connection Phase 3 – and the forces of the universe are just pawns between them.

Familiarity with the universe is required; you can’t just jump into The Infinity Gauntlet. I don’t mean that you need background knowledge to know that Dr. Doom is an asshole, or whatever the hell is going on with Thor, and that not knowing these things will keep you from enjoying the book, but not knowing anything about Adam Warlock, or his relationship to Thanos, that could prevent you from enjoying it. There is so much going on that it can’t help but get overwhelming. For example in the climatic fight with the heroes and villain of earth, Thanos threatens Doom with death, it is implied that is what happened because we don’t see Doom again. That is, we don’t see Doom again until the end when he appears by magic (thanks Doctor Strange). In a book so large, there had to be unanswered questions.

George Perez’s artwork is fantastic, if I was going to have to see my heroes die, then he was the man to do the work.

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