Torment – THE VOODOO

Sorry for the subheading. That was just the most absurd line, among quite a few absurd lines from the Todd Mcfarlane penned and drawn story. There was a time when Mcfarlane was famous for his artwork and not his toys. His work on Venom comes to mind and his Spider-Man run in general is beautiful

The writing, not so much. Everything that could be bad about individual lines seem to have hit their marks. If you don’t read a word of dialogue, thought bubble or anything else, you can have a much better experience with this story.

The story is that the Lizard has gone crazy and started killing people. It doesn’t seem to be doing this in an attempt to draw out Spider-Man, the aforementioned VOODOO brings the two together without too much trouble. The Lizard is being controlled by VOODOO and is in the thrall of Calypso, who is a former lover of Kraven the Hunter.

Why is this happening? Spoiler, we don’t know. The fact of not knowing something and not finding out is pretty novel and it makes this a fairly affecting Spider-Man horror story. Bad things happen because they can.

Book 5 is down.

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