Kingdom Come – Superman vs. Everybody – for some reason

The problem with being a fan of the Big Two, Marvel and DC, is that their universes will go on into perpetuity. Even if you think you’ve seen the end of a character, you can rest assured that they are going to be resurrected in some form later on. Alex Ross has worked on two series for each that are dedicated to showing us a possible end to the worlds.

Superman has gone into retirement and the world is being run amok by super humans fighting each other. This new generation is made up of many children and heirs to former heroes, while their parents followed Superman into the sunset. They have no regard for human life, and Wonder Woman goes to Superman, who has withdrawn from his own humanity as well, to try and get him to come set the world to rights.

When the breadbasket of the United States is irradiated by a meta-human fight gone out of control, Superman finally comes back. He reassembles a version of the Justice League and enforces his will onto the super humans. This leads to conflicts with Batman, Lex Luthor and the human leaders of the world.

The artwork is breathtaking. The story… eh. It’s one of the more popular graphic novels and I suppose that is deservedly so.

One thing, a stray line of dialogue says that the new breed of heroes have pretty much eliminated the old supervillains, but that leaves the question what are these people who fight each other? Are they meant to be gangs fighting out a turf war? It bothers me now as a flawed premise. That the human leaders suddenly having a problem with Superman acting like an autonomous unit on the world stage seems off to me as well. The heroes had their own space station above the earth. Superman has a literal fortress (of Solitude, I grant you).

Still, it is a quick read. It is a satisfying imagining of the end. Like many great endings, it also gives you hope for the future.

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