Book 59 Brain Droppings

Brain Droppings


“I enjoy comparing baseball and football.  Baseball is a nineteenth century pastoral game.  Football is a twentieth-century technological struggle.”


First, let me say that I’ve got my own feelings on baseball and football.  baseball is boring, as he says, it’s pastoral, the only people who can watch baseball are those who enjoy watching grass grow, who see the ball being put into motion as a tragedy for the lawn which is being plowed by those spikey cleats.  This is also my feeling on golf.


Football is a whole different thing that I can understand.  As the man says, it’s a technological struggle dealing with offensive and defensive movements.  It’s a reflection on the times as they are, and I believe my inability to grasp it shows me firmly out of place with society.  I can watch football games, but only on television, because on television my vision is guided.  The few times when I’ve tried to watch live football games I’ve always watched the wrong parts of the action.  I get caught up in the line of scrimmage, I don’t see the ball get moved up the field, and the next thing I know, I’m hearing, “TOUCHDOWN KENTUCKKKYYY.”


Okay, I never heard that often enough.


Give me basketball every time.

Right, this was supposed to be about George Carlin, who I think is a very smart man. He throws out a lot of absolutes that I don’t absolutely agree with, but your writing loses a lot of its force when you become reasonable.  Nobody wants to read somebody being reasonable, we want a person to take a stand.  We are a country of mostly moderates, but the only people who get any place in news cycles are those who represent extremes, moderation is shouted down.  When Carlin says that he would save an animal who was starving before a human who was starving I understand the conclusion he’s making, that humans as a group lead themselves to their own suffering, if we all just stopped being selfish pricks we could take care of every single person in the world, animals have no such capacity for themselves, thus he’d help the animal.  I’d help the human, but I understand the absolute that leads to the statement.


I’m all about absolutes.  I don’t think or feel; I am my thoughts and feelings manifest corporeally.


At least in my writing, that’s the goal.  In real life you can usually find me curled into the fetal position over in the corner.


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