Book 44

I can’t say how much I love Neil Gaiman stories.  My first exposure was to Good Omens, and my second exposure, my real exposure, was to the Sandman series.  The Laurel County public library had two giant bound books that collected Gaiman’s Sandman stories.  The catch being that there were supposed to be four of those big books, the library only had the second and the fourth.  Luckily, the story was comprehensive enough that I didn’t lose part of the whole.  I have since started looking into getting my own collection of the trade paperbacks together.


In the meantime I picked up a short little assortment of stories by Gaiman.  These collected some Swamp Thing stories, which didn’t even have Swamp Thing in them.  They were some standard Gaiman weirdness one shots.  They threw in some Cane and Able stories, which were interesting, but entirely too cartoony.


The Sandman appeared in a crossover tale sat with The Sandman Mystery Theatre, which starred a different character with the same name.  These stories would probably go into the elusive first collection of Sandman stories, that I am having a pain finding (Preludes and Nocturnals).  This was an interesting story, but ultimately I know little more about either character than I did before I started the series.

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