Book 33 Point Omega

Book 33 Point Omega


I can’t pretend to be smart enough to talk about Don DeLillo, now in any kind of real capacity.  I wrote down my thoughts on the book and then read what some other people thought of the book, just to see if I was totally stupid. 


The conclusion was, no, not totally. 


In the praise of the book was cited that the structure of the plot and the language.  There are no words out of place; each sentence is a skipping stone across water, something small creating ripple affects.  Probably, I didn’t get a lot of it.


Someone watching 24 Hour Psycho at the Museum of Modern Art in New York frames the main narrative of the story. This person actually sees all the characters that will be in the main part of the story.  The frame tells us what is being done.  In drawing out a movie so that it is twenty-four hours long, you never actually get to see anything happen, even the bits of action, like the shower scene, become anti-climatic in how long it takes to get to the conclusion.  Every life is a building block passed from parent to child, building something bigger.  


As far as what happened in the main story? I couldn’t really tell you.  Mediations on life and death, the point of existence, nothing happened.  That was the point of the story was nothing happening?


Did I like that? Not really.

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