Book no. 23 The Highway Man’s Wife

I was going to feel bad for only having read this book, and being far too distracted to do anything like pay attention to it, but Edwards’ own page doesn’t even have a link to it, so now I feel bad because the poor book just feels neglected.  

It’s a loan though, and I’m moving to South Carolina and it is more the second thing that keeps me from reading anything.  I shouldn’t even be blogging right now, I should be packing, doing laundry, dishes, any number of other things would be more productive for my time, but you know, the fans and such.  

The first part of this book had a few references to Greek Mythology, which I wasn’t sure fit into the Highway Man, or his Wife persona, but whatever.  I really did enjoy part three.  I can’t praise that section well enough.  Well, I can, but I’d need to have the book available to me, or I could try bsing some, but this isn’t a school report it’s a blog I’m doing for my own self.  

I read the book, I’ll try to not have a major life changing event going on for the next one.  Sorry folks.

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