Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar – Book 19

I had to wait the entire book to find the punchline to the joke.  Which is that the bartender looks at Plato who says “She looked better in the cave.”

Ah, ha, ah ha… ha.

I’ll be honest, I got this book from the library because I want to start reading more into things I don’t know much about.  A book using jokes to explain philosophies seemed as good a starting point as anything else.  Since the Laurel County libraries non fiction section is set up fairly broadly it was also the first thing I could find.

An added benefit is that I can now be insufferable in conversation using more Greek and Latin words.  Did I learn about Philosophy? Sure.  I learned that there is much more philosophy to cartoons and vaudeville than I expected.  The book does a good cursory look at many different schools of thinking and the jokes really do provide a good understanding as to what the philosophy means.

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