Book 17 A Clockwork Orange

I’m not going to say anything about this book, good or bad, that hasn’t been said already.  I read it while I was in high school, it didn’t leave much of a mark.  Now that I am getting older I just found myself pissed off by the wanton destruction and the made up language of the teens.  As a self revelation, I’m sure that in just a couple short years I’ll have a rocking chair and shotgun telling the kids to get off of my lawn.

It’s a very short, very basic book, a set of character are introduced and treated poorly by our humble narrator, Alex.  In the subsequent parts Alex is getting his comeuppance from many of the people he wronged in the first part of the book.  Alex goes through a reprogramming period where he is made physically ill at the thought of hurting other.  There is much made of the morality of the government being able to reprogram a person, the government undoes its programming and Alex is able to return to being a little monster.

In the final chapter Alex sees the error of his ways just a year after he gets the ability to rape and plunder back, he basically decides he’s too old for this and turns in his britva.

Sorry if I just spoiled a sixty year old book for you.

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