Book 6 – She Let Herself Go


Honestly, my first fear with reading the book was that I was going to understand the cover picture.  I have theories, but I don’t want to talk to them, but basically I think the titular woman who let herself go has brought the natural elements of the world out of whack.  

I don’t read poetry books much.  I always feel like the hidden meaning has totally passed me by.  Parts of the stories I most appreciated were poems like My Dearest Darling, which ended with 

“So be good Darling till

we meet again and that will 

be Sunday if I am living.

Wrote with love and best wish

        forever yours

                         Robert Hoskins

ans soon)”

The idea of a Sunday romance- church, picnics and a day of rest, strike me as an idyllic way to end the week.

There are a series of poems dealing with a pilgrimage to Virginia Woolf’s house which I very much enjoyed because they made me consider the power of place and the idea that we leave little pieces of ourselves behind when we leave a place, at least, if we are famous enough.

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