Book Five – Team of Rivals : The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln

First off, it is a long book.  The version I got was a movie tie-in to Lincoln.  I do not know what it made that claim.  There were only a few parts that seemed to be taken from it, a story that Lincoln told at the appropriate time.  Basically, this just shows how little I know about the book and movie industries.  

That said, it has been an interesting read.  The author is very fawning of Lincoln, but in my estimation he deserves it.  I am a strict Unionist, I suppose, so I’m more inclined to believe that.  If I look at my perception of the Constitution, then I probably would have to side with the Confederates, but I think that document is imperfect anyway, so I’m okay with that.  The whole debacle of Secession does raise an interesting thought for me that the United States is essentially a mafia organization, once you get in, you don’t get out.  

The book was written well enough, by the end of it, when *spoiler alert* the assassination occurs it was emotional for me, I’d gone through almost seven hundred pages with Lincoln and his Cabinet, and there at the end you really are transported to the night of horrors that Washington endured that April.  

It’s certainly a perception of history, and Lincoln is a most interesting historical figure, he was larger than life and he’s made out to seem almost superhuman in his magnanimity and foresight.  We have been fortunate that in most of our times of peril, when the country has stood on the precipice of disaster we have had the right leader in place.

At least in my estimation.  Which means little.


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