Book 1

I finished Book one recently.  It was the Ninja Turtles annual 2012.

I figured I’d start the series with some high culture.  I grew up with TMNT, I even had the incredibly awful (awesome) live show where the Turtles somehow became rockstars and the Shredder rapped.

So i got the annual just because I thought I’d check up on them.  The Shredder was mostly absent, except for a few panels.  The story followed a briefcase full of diamonds that the characters were following.  This is a pretty common theme in film and cinema; the image of the gold dust in Treasure of the Sierra Madre dancing away in the wind comes to mind.  There was very little actual Turtle action in the whole thing.  A plot wasn’t developed, the characters I loved really never showed up.  It was disappointing, but disappointment breeds a desire to be rewarded, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you read in the future something about me revisiting this universe, besides, I need some fuel for the fire once Michael Bay totally ruins this beloved franchise.

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