Sleeping Through Earthquakes

I’m sure I could make a strained comparison between the nature of life and my ability to sleep through an earthquake.  I won’t.  I don’t mean to mitigate if someone was affected by the thing, but the only reason I knew it happened is because my mother sent me a text asking if I was okay.

I’ll be honest with you, my apartment already looks like it was hit by an earthquake,lots of books and papers piled precariously on the edges of tables.  Nothing was knocked in the floor, none of the bookshelves were affected, I had my priorities in order when taking stock of the place.

I finished reading Three Kingdoms, a historical novel of China translated by Moss Roberts.  I read the abridged version because it was the version I happened to pull out of my closet (I have books pretty much everywhere). Abridged comes out to about 400 pages, the full text is 1,200.  There only reason to read the full text is if you find out you like the abridged.  I’ve also been reading the Game of Thrones series and am about a third of the way through Dance with Dragons (the last book published at this point). I really like Martin’s style of collected short stories being drawn together to tell one overarching story.  I toyed around with some story ideas from it this last month, but I’m going to try and get back to getting focused on The Dark and Bloody Ground, which is a story I’ve been working on for so long it’s embarrassing.

I’ll also be reading Of Mice and Men, because, I don’t really know, it just seems like a thing to do.

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1 Response to Sleeping Through Earthquakes

  1. Christopher McCurry says:

    Of Mice and Men is great!

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